Wednesday, 23 January 2013

You are SO loved by God!

I have to admit that I've never really had a handle on God's love for me. I try to...really try to get it. But I can't really grasp it. If I did, I'd be living a different life. A free, full of love life. An authentic self life. Man, that sounds good!

So I've been praying...asking that God will help me get it. Help me see it. And mostly, help me really understand it in my soul. Right down to my toes.

This morning I had a glimpse of it...and it actually made sense to me.

I was driving and listening to music like I usually do. A song came on called "Back in His arms again", and as I listened to the song, I was trying to understand it.

"Back in His arms again"?

When did we leave His arms?

Suddenly my mind flashed an image of God holding this tiny little baby in His arms and I realized that baby was me! The love on His face as He looked down at me...


I was a crying hot mess in minutes because I could feel the love. Oh. My. Goodness. Folks. He loves us SO much.

In that moment I understood His pain of releasing me into the world, of His hoping that I could stay close to Him. That I would remember the important things like how much He loves me, that He wants so much for me, that I am redeemed. Forgiven. Forever.

It made me think of my own kids and how I feel when I release them for the day to school or some activity. Will they remember their manners? Will they be safe? Will they remember how much Mommy and Daddy loves them, and especially how much their Heavenly Father loves them more?

I've never really imagined God feeling like that for me.

But in that moment, in that one image, I realized that He loves me so much, and He has plans for me. And that He cares about all my moments; the big ones and the little ones too. He cares SO much more than I realized.

So you, You Beautiful Child of God, know that you are deeply and desperately loved by an all powerful Father.

Know it to the tips of your toes and never forget it. Never let anything get in the way of that truth.

You are SO loved just as you are!

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