Monday, 12 November 2012

The rain that washes away...

Today it's raining.

I love the rain.

I love how it washes away the mud and mire, soaks deep into the earth, runs the length of a leaf before dripping to the ground. And I love how it soothes my weary soul. When it rains I feel released from doing. It's a day of rest to stay inside and keep warm. Huddle near a warm fire with hands wrapped around a steaming cup of coffee. A day to just sit at the window and watch it all wash away.

I've been thinking about my past and the things that have happened in my life. Things that stripped away my dignity and left me with an ugly gaping hole. Tears running down my face, I pray to God for mercy from such thoughts. 

Gut wrenching thoughts. 

The kind of thoughts that leave you feeling wide open and bare. All encompassing, overwhelming, bring-you-to-your-knees thoughts that don't let go. I'm so tired of those thoughts. Tired of the power they have over me.

And in that moment I hear a whisper; "He took your dignity but I am bringing it back to you."

I sit silent and just let the words fall over me and wrap around me like a warm cocoon. They soothe me in places I thought were so hidden away nothing could touch them. But they do. They blow softly through every part of me, flooding me with relief and peace. He is there. He is working something good in me. My God will  deliver me.

My God will deliver ME.

As the rain falls outside my window I am reminded of Jesus' shed blood, washing away the sins of man. Removing the stains. Setting us free. Releasing us from our mistakes and regrets, and the consequences of others.

Releasing me from my past. From my pains. From my sins.

Letting me come up clean to begin again.

And to know that tomorrow will be a new day with the promise of rain.
"...but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grown weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31


  1. "He is working something good in me"......I love that line. Also love the promise in the verse!

  2. I have been hating the rain because with it comes more pain - arthritis and fibromyalgia. It feels like a cell - I have been looking at not going outside as a punishment, not an opportunity as you do. I too used to love watching the rain and walking in it without an umbrella because it was God giving me a shower of forgiveness, mercy, grace and love. Thank you for bringing that image back to me! I too love the verse.

    1. I'll be praying for you!! You never know what God has planned, even in the midst of the chaos and pain, He is brewing something awesome. Hang in there :)

  3. Krista, awesome. I see the rain so differently now. I always liked it but to see it as cleansing is so true. I heard a quote once that said, "Tears are like rain. They loosen our soil so we can grow in different directions." Thank you! xo

  4. Thanks Jenny!! I like your quote too. Never heard it before!

  5. It is a true miracle that He can take those places that we didn't want ANYONE (especially HIM) to see and make them new and for His glory.


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